Trying to make images when it rains, rains and rains is tough. I find myself running out of overflowing streams and river, flooded streets to cover. I took an idea from way back and put a new spin on it. Back in the 60’s someone took an image of the Great Pyramid shot through a martini glass, part of a series for a famous vodka maker. Ok this is not the pyramid or a martini glass. I made this shot sitting in my truck at Scituate Light waiting for high tide and pounding surf.
If you look through raindrops you can see all sorts of great little images. This shot was made with a 50mm Sigma macro lens on a Canon 1D MkII. I set the focus at the minimum focus distance and moved the camera in and out to find the right point of focus. To get some depth of field a shot in “A” aperture priority set at f8.0 ISO was set at 500 to allow for a shutter speed fast enough to hand hold. The original image showed the lighthouses in the drops upside down. In Photoshop I rotated the canvas to make the lighthouses stand upright. Not a lot of tuning other than a tough of “smart sharpen”. After the rains stops there should be some good opportunity for stream and river shots. I just wish I could find a stream, which flowed more blue than brown in the area. Brown water never looks good no matter how nice the composition.

Last week when the sun was out I did get a chance to shoot some flowers in sunlight and the shot of the Weir River Farm’s barn in Hingham. It’s a straight shot with a 50mm lens and a polarizing filter. I only use two filters now with digital. A few years ago I might have had twenty filters in my bag for color and black and white. The polar filter just adds some great color saturation to a blue sky. ISO was 100 and the meter was set at “A” aperture priority for an f1.4 shallow depth of field. The other filter I carry is a split field graduated neutral density filter for landscapes. If rain stops someday, I may get a chance to use it.