Welcome. My name is Greg Derr. I like many of you love photography. I’ve spent my whole life seeking out the best angles for images, mostly on the South Shore of Boston. My images appear daily in the Patriot Ledger. I have also published two books,

Boston’s South Shore and Plymouth at it’s Best (Commonwealth Editions). As a photojournalist I cover a wide variety of assignments for the Ledger, taking me all across the region, state and country. Sometimes overseas.

After 30 years of daily shooting, I still find myself drawn home to the South Shore to find just a little better angle or light on some favorite location. I think of each day as a clean whiteboard on which to draw my own interpretation of our neighborhood. With The Viewfinder I hope to help you too find magical spots to capture. In the blog I’ll explain all the techniques I use, and where to find some good angles. I’ll also list some upcoming events and locations for great shots. Being a blog I would encourage you to add comments to direct the blog in the right direction. I also plan on some photography tutorials and even some assignments for readers whose images may appear on The Viewfinder.