Daylight Strobe: I’m not a huge fan of strobes, but sometimes you just can’t get the light you want when you want it. To kick off a new feature in the Ledger which will profile individuals with interesting tales I had to use strobe.
For the first shoot we are featuring Bob Trinque a retired Delta Airline pilot who is being sited by the FAA for having his pilot license for fifty years. Bob now flies a vintage Beech twin engine out of Plymouth Airport for fun.
As you can expect moving the plane around for the best light, (which was high noon light) was not much of an option. My only option was to move my light source. I found a nice angle to shoot Bob using the plane tail as a background . The story was about him, not the plane. I shot some other images of the plane as secondary shots. To put emphasis on Bob I needed to light him in a way that would draw our eyes to him first.
Plymouth pilot gd 021510-09.jpg
To do this I used a flash off camera to the left of the subject about five feet. The Canon 580 EZ with an Omni bounce diffuser was mounted on a small light stand. It was rigged wireless with a Pocket Wizard radio remote (I could have hard wired this) For exposure I wanted the background to fall off so I made test shots to get my background exposure maybe two stops under exposed. I then set the strobe to manual and adjusted the power ration (in this case ¼ power) to get the right exposure on the subjects face. The 5D synchs at 1/200 so a slow ISO rating was needed to get synched. The lens was 16-35 mm wide angles zoom. Color balance was set at cloudy to keep the colors warm.

The final images was close to as you see it with minor spotting in Photoshop.