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Newton Panoramics

Here, we finally have it! A way to really show off some of our most interesting photos - stretched all the way across your computer screen. I've been shooting a series of panoramics in Newton, my hometown, over the past year and it's great to have Big Shots for these truly big shots.

From Waban to Echo Bridge, here's some scenes from the Garden City. I'm hoping to add more in the months to come. Got a suggestion for a cool place to shoot? Send me an email at

The panorama photos seen here are composed of 3-5 individual pictures stitched together using computer programs. Depending on the content, how the program lines up the photographs can be almost seamless or can show some mismatch or distortions.

West Roxbury VA

I have driven by the West Roxbury campus of the VA Healthcare System many times, reading the scrolling sign, “…Spinal Cord Injury…hiring nurses…”, while on the way home from Dedham, or Home Depot or Millennium Park. I’ve even photographed there.

Just going about my daily life, to and fro, it sometimes becomes part of the scenery. But sometimes I look up at a window and wonder what is going on inside. America is still fighting two wars, which may seem far away, but Iraq and Afghanistan, and for that matter, WWII, Korea, and Vietnam, are present and a reality for many in our community.

One of three main facilities in the VA Boston Healthcare System, it is renown for its Spinal Cord Injury program. However, it provides a large array of services, from an ER and cardiac surgery to aquatic therapy, prescription-dispensing robots and regular office visits. This summer the Fisher House, a home where family members of hospitalized veterans can stay for free, will open its doors.

As part of our “Day in the Life” project on Monday, January 25th - done in partnership with WCVB TV Channel 5 - I decided to spend a day inside the hospital.

Dover Sport Fencing

I've shot a lot of sports in the last dozen years, and I have to say, when I came across a fencing class in Dover, it was a really nice break from the routine. It was all new to me, and I found it really fun to watch and learn about, from the terminology and the etiquette to the face-to-face dueling.

The term "fencing" comes from the word defense, and the sport grew out of the training exercises swordsmen developed to ready themselves for combat. Sport fencing is done competitively and Renaissance fencing is done for recreation and the dramatic arts.

Brent Concilio, an Allston resident and English teacher at Dover-Sherborn High School, and a former Scottish Universities national fencing champion, teaches the classes in Sport Fencing and Renaissance Fencing for the Dover Parks and Recreation Dept., and is hoping to expand the program to offer classes for teens and adults. The Parks and Recreation Dept. can be reached at 508-785-0476 or